Live: Firefighters on plaza level to control spread of Sulafa Tower fire

Live: Firefighters on plaza level to control spread of Sulafa Tower fire

Fire fighters are currently on the plaza level of Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina to control the fire that started in the building around 3pm.

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Atleast 25 fire trucks are currently on the scene, using water hose to dampen down the base of the building where the debris has fallen, reports Middle East Architect editor Nick Ames from the scene of the fire.

Police offers from the Protective Security and Emergency (PSE) squad have  been deployed to secure the boundaries and keep people back.


One of the witnesses of the fire, Dr. John Graham, aged 61, who works at the Dubai Bone & Joint Centre said: ““I live on the 43rd floor and when the fire alarm went off I thought it was a false alarm but it kept going. I went to the elevator and they were out of action. So I started to go down the stairs and the floors were slippery. The lights went off and it was pretty scary but people kept moving and there was no panic.”

He continued: “When we got outside there were glass fragments from where the windows blew out. I could see that the original fire started from around the 76th floor of the west side of the building but the swirling gusting winds had blown debris all around to the north side of the building, starting it up around the 55th floor and the flames spread both up and down.”

A resident of the building,  Dr. Arash Arabghani has told how he carried a stricken elderly lady 40 floors to safety.

He said: “After the alarm went off I went to the stairwell and there was an elderly lady and she seemed to have real problems so myself and another man got to her and carried her down 40 floors.”

Debris from the original fire is still falling onto the plaza where the swimming pool is located, reports Ames.

There are currently no reported casualties.

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