Limah heads to Iraq for Marriott job

Limah heads to Iraq for Marriott job

Limah Design Consultants recently won a contract to design signage for the five-star Marriott Hotel and Executive Apartments in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

The multidisciplinary, global design firm takes a scientific, yet artistic approach to the development of communication signs for both industrial and commercial projects.

Limah will create complete interior and exterior signage for the hotel buildings as well as its car parks. This also includes branded signs for the property’s restaurants and regulatory signs required by the International Building Code.

Limah Design Consultants founder and managing director, Jason Lewis said: “The regulatory signage such as the fire maps on the back of the hotel doors, and emergency signs are usually made by run-of-the-mill sign makers, but Marriott have asked us to do something different with these, hence we designed these signs to match the overall design of the hotel.”

The Marriott’s interiors, designed by LWD, provided inspiration for Limah to integrate their signage into an overall seamless hospitality space. The firm plans to incorporate neutral materials and the latest LED lighting technology in a warm and inviting colour palette.

“It certainly makes the guest experience for wayfinding more intuitive, and we look at the signage as opportunity to connect with the guests, a touch point for them, and a way to enhance the Marriott brand through subtle visual cues,” concluded Lewis.

The Marriott Hotel and Executive Apartments is part of “Empire World,” a project that includes residential apartments and villas, office towers and retail and leisure spaces. Slated to open in 2014, the 200-room hotel and 75-unit executive apartments will mark Marriott International’s first venture into Kurdistan.

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