One lighting to fit all global standards hard to achieve

One lighting to fit all global standards hard to achieve

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Designing and producing lighting that satisfies all the global standards in different parts of the world is challenging, according to Simon Fisher, general manager EMEA – indoor commercial LED luminaires, GE Lighting.

However, GE Lighting overcame this challenge with the Edge range of LED lights.

The teams working on Edge are spread across the world, said Fisher. There are three teams in Montreal, two in China, a team in Budapest, Hungary, one in the UK and one in Cleveland, Ohio.

“It’s been very challenging to get one product that suits that whole globe. It’s been a worthwhile exercise to see if we could do just one for the entire planet,” said Fisher.

“Edge lighting is a global development, where our teams are all working on the same range of products concurrently,” said Fisher.

“We wanted to do as much as we could in the shortest space of time but we did want to put them in different regions globally so we could cater fro the different global standards,” he added.

While GE Lighting designs products with LEAD and BREEAM in mind, there are also several luminaire standards across the world.

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