“Light thermometer” for new Business Bay tower

“Light thermometer” for new Business Bay tower

A new tower in Dubai’s Business Bay features exterior lighting that responds to the ambient temperature, dubbed a “light thermometer”.

The dynamic technique is used on the east and west facades of the 263m U-Bora tower and emphasises the curvature of the building.

Another effect is a light gradient from a source at the base of the structure, fading toward the top of the building.

Groups of flood lights are directed at the base and center of the tower so that the light levels gradually decrease above. Due to the rotating profile of the building, achieving the required illumination gradient from fixed points on the ground was a challenging task, according to lighting designer AWA.

Designed by Aedas and commissioned for the Bando Corporation, the U-Bora tower occupies a prominent placement on the main axis of the Business Bay, with an adjoining 16-storey residential block.

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