Light bulb with 20-year lifespan goes on sale

Light bulb with 20-year lifespan goes on sale

An energy-saving LED light bulb by Philips, with a staggering lifespan of 20 years, has gone on sale in the USA.

The manufacturer won last year’s U.S. Department of Energy’s L Prize, which challenged inventors to create a low-cost, high-efficiency incandescent bulb replacement.

Philip’s bulb boasts a double decade lifespan and burns only 10 watts of power.

The miracle bulb comes at a price, initially retailing at a cool $60. Philips has subsequently discounted the price to $50 and is working with utility companies to offer rebates.

The competition stipulated that the overall price must be reduced to $22 within a year of sales before the $10 million prize can be issued.

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