LEED will be “moulded” to suit local standards, says council chairman

LEED will be “moulded” to suit local standards, says council chairman

The chairman of the US Green Building Council, the organisation behind LEED, revealed that the rating system will soon accommodate local energy standards.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Mark MacCracken, said: “We are trying to internationalise LEED in a particular way. We’re going to have alternative compliance plans.

“For example, let’s say the UAE wants to use its own energy standard. There’s going to be a group that creates an equivalency and the country will be able to use its energy standard to get LEED points.”

He added that the general structure of the LEED ratings will remain the same, but the system will be “moulded to the different areas of the world and the different countries”.

MacCracken continued: “If we create these alternative compliance paths to the basic LEED then we can start pulling in the rest of the world and have a more unified LEED.”

He also revealed that the LEED certification plaque will be stripped of its US tag. “There will be a new LEED plaque. It will not say ‘US Green Building Council’ – it will say ‘LEED’.  We are trying to make it more international, not US-focused.”

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