Big improvements in LEED for existing buildings

Big improvements in LEED for existing buildings

The latest version of LEED for existing buildings is a big improvement on the criticised earlier version, according to the chairman of the US Green Building Council.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Mark MacCracken, said: “The original version of LEED Existing Buildings wasn’t that good. It got some bad press and it wasn’t focused where it needed to be focused. The newer version is focused on building operation and maintenance, and is called LEED EBOM.

“We want you to continually improve your building, but you’ve got to maintain it in a way that won’t make it worse and worse. You’ve got to make people in the building aware that we can’t throw away anymore. We’ve got to recycle as much as possible. It’s a very focused programme and it’s getting people more aware.”

In July, Taiwan’s 509-metre-high Taipei 101 was awarded Platinum status for LEED EBOM.

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