Lebanon plans new capital city

Lebanon plans new capital city

Following Egypt’s plan for a new capital city, Lebanon is next in line to build a new capital city for the republic with $1 billion already pledged for the master plan, according to representatives of the Friends of Open Lebanese Society organisation and the Dar Arab Youth (DAY).

The representatives revealed that the plan for the new Lebanese capital has been drafted by international economic committees and global political stakeholders partly due to the persistent lack of public transport and coastal preservation in the current capital, Beirut.

“This, if allowed to continue, will make Beirut unsuitable for local politicians and foreign emissaries to live and work in. Instead of having them commute from cities abroad for occasional meetings and speeches, the international stakeholders have initiated the project for creating a new capital where all these dignitaries and officials can live together in a happy and productive environment,” said the representative.

The project committee has studied successful relocation projects such as the recent Egypt plans as well as Brazil, Nigeria and Lithuania.

The master plan of the new capital is planned to be created as a fully green and LEED certified city with automatic collection and recycling of all wastes and will include new presidential offices at its centre.

Other elements will include a theme park on the history of the Middle East, touristic attractions, a convention centre as well as an industrial free zone that will host start up companies with forward-thinking plans such as manufacturing super cars and space stations to construction artificial islands.

Potentials sites for the new capital have been, one in the northeast and one in the extreme southeast of the country, DAY revealed.

A time frame for the project has not been revealed however Jeremiah Bull, founder of the international stakeholder consultancy firm appointed for the project stated that his firm are currently inviting tender bids from Beirut-based public relations firms to develop and implement an awareness for the new capital.


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