Lebanese architects install brass rods in Beirut boutique

Lebanese architects install brass rods in Beirut boutique

Starch, a non-profit organisation that promotes local Lebanese designers, has had a bit of a redesign with the help of Lebanese architects Gaith & Jad for its Beirut boutique.

The architects installed interconnected brass poles that are attached to hooks emerging from the walls and ceiling.

The entire design consists of 186 hooks and 27 brass rods, that contrast nicely against the all white interior.

“We wanted to create a dynamic space that holds infinite identities, therefore the idea of creating non-static entities in the space came to exist,” said Gaith & Jad.

Through brass cubes that are screwed onto the ends of the rods, each piece can latch onto the hooks and be reconfigured to create various designs. Clothes hangers can then be hung through small holes in the brass rods or other the top.

“We took the basic hanger into a more spatial dimension that lead us to create structures from a single module, giving a three-dimensional web of hangers,” added the designers.

“By that we achieved our objective of an ever-changing space through designing a tool that allows us to reconfigure its form and the display of clothes instantly.”



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