Le Corbusier design finally makes it to Sydney Opera House

Le Corbusier design finally makes it to Sydney Opera House

A tapestry designed by LeCorbusier is now an interior feature of the Sydney Opera House – more than half a century after it was commissioned.

Danish architect Jørn Utzon won the international design competition for the building in 1958, and promptly contacted the legendary designer to contribute.

But when he left the project in controversial fashion the artwork went with him and was installed in his home.

The Opera House got it back at auction for just over $300,000 the 6.5m2 tapestry in now in place

“Tapestries tell stories, and few more than Les Dés Sont Jetés (The Dice Are Cast),” the Sydney Opera House chief executive,.

Stories need a hero, and Utzon made an audacious one: back in 1958, Le Corbusier was at the height of his career and fame, and famously unwilling to collaborate. Barely starting out in the industry, Utzon had no reason to expect his support – but that didn’t stop him from asking”.

The piece, an abstract rendering of the buidsings and its setting, is now hanging behind glass in the far end of the Utzon-designed western foyer: a holding place while the Opera House continues the “decade of renewal” the 50th anniversary of its opening in 2023.

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