Laufen launches new collection

Laufen launches new collection

International bathroom manufacturer, Laufen, has revealed its new bathroom line entitled IlBagnoAlessi One, which includes new ceramics, a solid surface bathtub, bathroom furniture as well as an array of accessories.

First proposed by Laufen at the 2014 Furniture Fair, the new range envisages new size variations, new products and accessories that are all made of Laufen’s SaphirKeramik material and maintain functional and symbolic value.

About the choice of material, Ivan Zupanovic, head of international project sales and export, Laufen, explained: “Ceramic plays a large part in the collection, being used to create the new console washbasins as well as the iconic floor standing Tam Tam basin, which is fired from one piece for a seamless finish.

“It is a durable, easy-to-clean surface that is particularly suitable for bathroom environments. The new IlBagnoAlessi One collection also now features accessories made of Laufen’s revolutionary SaphirKeramik, a new type of ceramic that enables shapes and forms to be created, that have not been possible until now.”
The collection is the brainchild of Stefano Giovannonni, Konstantin Grcic, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Andreas Dimitriadis and Toan Nguyen who came together for Laufen.

The ceramic products allow water to be used cautiously, adding to the range a bold sustainable element.
Zupanovic said: “[The range] places priority on environmentally-friendly production, using energy and raw materials sparingly at all levels.

For example, Laufen reuses heat generated in the production process to dry the sanitary ware. In addition to its manufacturing processes, Laufen believes that products which last a lifetime, both functionally and aesthetically, are essential for sustainability in the long term.”

IlBagnoAlessi One consists of timeless and classic pieces for high-end bathroom designs. First introduced in 2002, the range has grown and expanded to be as relevant today as it was over a decade ago. Each year, the manufacturing company adds to its growing range of products.

Recently added to the collection, is a console washbasin that was particularly inspired by the vision of stone inserted into the wall and a smooth concaved form carved into the top. This washbasin provides a perfectly elliptical shaped basin, whereas in many other products on the market, one will see the upper part interrupted by contact with the wall.

“The IlBagnoAlessi One collection is based on a new way of seeing the bathroom, which is no longer a simple place for practical matters, but a place of retreat and comfort,” said Zupanovic. “The collection features soft, cosy forms combined with the very latest technology and the very best attention to detail to successfully blend form with function.”

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