Lasvit unveils lighting sculpture Supernova at Downtown Design

Lasvit, a Czech-based manufacturer of bespoke lighting installations and glass artworks, will unveil a regional exclusive ‘Supernova’ kinetic lighting sculpture at this year’s Downtown Design Fair, taking place next week in Dubai.

“We are excited to be part of Dubai-based Downtown Design and are proud to have supported the Fair from its inception to today, on its way to become a permanent part of the world’s leading design fairs. We believe it’s a great regional platform to showcase our work and we look forward to sharing our latest designs with the UAE and region,” said Leon Jakimic, Lasvit Founder and President.

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Entitled Supernova, which means the explosion of a star, Lasvit’s multi-dimensional sculpture was inspired by the Milky Way galaxy. “I was inspired by the universe itself because in the universe everything is in motion. Supernova allows people to interact with the sculpture and change it’s shape, making it a magical sensorial experience” said Petra Krausova, the designer behind Supernova.

Petra Krausova

Lasvit has delivered some of the most creatively designed glass art installations over the years, making their mark on contemporary design. With an ongoing investment research and development, and kinetics in particular, Lasvit has created some of the world’s most mesmerizing glass art installations – aligned with UAE and GCC consumers aptitude for innovation.

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