Lasvit restores crystal chandeliers at Palazzo Serbelloni

Lasvit restores crystal chandeliers at Palazzo Serbelloni

Lasvit,  a Czech lighting manufacturer, have carried out a restoration project of the chandeliers in the Palazzo Serbelloni, a Neoclassical palace in Milan.

The crystal chandeliers found in the staterooms were crafted of Bohemian crystal at the end of the 18th century. There are no specific records regarding their origin due to the burning of the palazzo archive during WWII.

Two chandeliers are located in the grand hall, originally used as a dance and concert hall. Today it hosts private events and fashion shows. Another pair is found in the smaller Sala Gian Galeazzo, having the same design in smaller scale. The four chandeliers are composed of forty various components that have more than 1,000 elements.

The renovation required a combination of three glassmaking techniques. These included the production and replacement of hand-cut crystal trimmings, hand-blown and cut components, as well as melted and cut arms.

In case of Palazzo Serbelloni, the original crystal components of the chandeliers were dismantled and shipped back to the Czech Republic, where they were probably first made in the late 1700’s, completing a historic and creative full-circle.




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