Lalique launches new collection

Lalique launches new collection

UAE: Tina Green, famous fashion and interior designer, has teamed up with Pietro Mingarelli, of Argent Design for a lucrative partnership with Lalique.

Having designed a number of yachts before launching their new collection, Green and Mingarelli’s collaborative talent was spotted by Silvio Denz, CEO of Lalique, and were then asked to create a new, bespoke line of interiors pieces.

Lalique by Green and Mingarelli Design entails 380 pieces from large-scale furniture pieces to smaller, detail oriented designs such as pillow cushions and jewellery boxes.

“It’s a whole lifestyle,” explained Tina Green. “This is how the collection has manifested itself and grown into something.”

As she pointed to the bead work on a pillow sham, Green added: “These are all glass beads, they aren’t plastic. So we’ve kept that with that crystal feeling. It gives you the idea that Lalique has become a lifestyle.

“[This collection] shows you how to utilise Lalique, because Lalique is a beautiful old brand, but it was kind of sleeping and it was in a sort of gentle slumber and needed to be woken up again. And I think, with our furniture, it really has revived Lalique.”

Having started the collection three years ago, Green and Mingarelli have built and expanded the line into a massive brand exhibited in showrooms around the world.

While that collection has a sturdy 380 pieces to boast, each design can evolve into a number of different directions as Mingarelli and Green do bespoke work.

“Any piece you want, we have,” said Green. “It’s just grown that way. I wanted to make a complete lifestyle. When we say 380 pieces, that includes the cushions, bed linen, towels and dressing gown. Of actual furniture pieces, there are probably 140 of them.”

The wood detailing can come in ash, natural ebony, black ebony and black lacquer. However, if a client wanted a red tinted wood, Green said it could be managed. As for the crystal, there is a range of colours the crystal is available in; however, the way it’s fused into the furniture can be customised.

“You have to be very careful with what crystal pieces we can utilise, cut and change without changing the original design. I don’t want to do an original design that is not Lalique,” said Green.

While each project, whether it is residential or yacht, is a customised, bespoke interior. However, besides Lalique crystal, the connecting factor between all Green and Mingarelli designs is that they’re all inspired by art deco.

Green concluded: “What is connecting them is certainly Lalique and art deco furniture. It’s art deco, maybe not true art deco, but it’s how we think today. It’s for the year 2014. [Le Corbusier] wasn’t for the 21st century, so how do we make him for this time now? I think he would be quite proud of us actually…Well, we hope so anyway.”

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