Kosovo gives coffee a modern name

The new coffee shop in Pristina, Kosovo, has coffee drinkers excited for more than just their morning fix, with Innarch’s design of Don Café making headlines.

Inspired by the familiar image of a sack filled with coffee beans, the café’s designs include a special feature wall, hanging “coffee bean” chandeliers and wooden elements throughout.

The separating feature wall leaves the most prominent impression; it’s made from plywood and maintains a large wave form and coffee sack-like colour.

The organic shape of the wall provides an uncommon environment for sitting and enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

Hanging from the ceiling are coffee bean-shaped chandeliers that, especially when combined with the coffee bean-inspired tables, further cement the café’s underlying concept.

The bar continues the separating wall’s touch as its wall features wooden pillars aligned horizontally and coated with the textile of coffee sacks.

The entire cafe took 1,365 pieces of plywood to complete and is the initial step towards expanding the Don Café brand nationally.


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