Koolhaas and Kanye collaborate

Koolhaas and Kanye collaborate

The worlds of architecture and rap music have together in a collaboration between two of the stars of both art forms – Rem Koolhaas and Kanye West.

In a movie interview filmed for a documentary about Koolhaas, rapper West talks about working with the architect’s firm OMA on a seven-screen cinema.

In the interview conducted by Koolhaas’ son Tomas, director of the documentary, West also talks about ambitions for his design company DONDA and says that “music has really been a Trojan Horse to create art again”.

“I love Rem’s work,” said West while talking about how much he enjoyed working with the architect’s company.

“I just like that fact that I was able to take my position as a musician, as a rapper and as a celebrity, and be able to invest in a project with a company of that level.”

OMA’s pavilion design for West was a shaped like a pyramid and erected for the Cannes Film Festival, and during the interview the rapper revealed that he has been producing a new film that builds on the immersive experience for the past year and a half.


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