Kohler launches old-world Artifacts range

Kohler launches old-world Artifacts range

A leading kitchen and bath design company, Kohler, has recently released its new Artifacts Bathroom Faucet collection in the UAE as well as the rest of the Middle East. Combining an old-world charm with quality craftsmanship, Kohler brings a new sort of range that alludes to the favoured designs of the past to today’s market, as other companies focus on the future.

“Artifacts is inspired by historical plumbing from the late 1800’s and early 1900s,” explains Gregory de Swarte, manager, Kohler Faucets Design Studio. He adds: “The historically authentic line is like rediscovering a rare find, browsing for hidden treasures in an antique shop.”

The new range includes three spout options along with three handle options. The collection offers a full range of bath and show fittings as well as 15 accessories that are available in five various finishes.

“Artifacts is the first and only faucet line that offers home-owners and interior designers the possibility to dress-up or dress-down the bathroom depending on their choices of spout and handle combination,” says de Swarte.
“Artifacts plays well in traditional and transitional baths—even in modern spaces, where its timeless form offers a historic juxtaposition for a more eclectic aesthetic.”

By allowing potential clients to choose the specific details of the faucet, Kohler is enabling the consumer to pay a vital role in the outcome of its bathroom design.

Jerome Michel, managing director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Kohler notes: “There’s this undeniable thrill that comes with discovering a piece that resonates with your design aesthetic, whether it’s an antique uncovered at a salvage shop or a vintage treasure snatched up from your travels.

“Curating your own Artifacts faucet evokes that same feeling, and we believe that in a region so rich with culture, design and art, our customers will definitely relate to and fall in love with the new Artifacts collection.”

According to Kohler, classical design is currently seeing a resurgence in kitchen and bathrooms, making the introduction of the Artifacts collection extremely topical. The Edwardian roots fuse well with contemporary and traditional interiors—where the faucet can offer a subtle and chic contrast in the space.

“Designed through the rigor and craftsmanship of Kohler, the Artifacts collection allows our customers to choose with confidence those details that reflect their design personality in their bathroom, adding to the lasting characteristics of their home,” says de Swarte.

Along with the varied faucet designs, the range includes accessories like a tumbler, soap dispenser and a toilet paper carriage that help create complete looks and styles.

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