Kohler launches new freestanding Lithocast Bath

Kohler Co. has unveiled a new line of freestanding Lithocast baths, combining high design and the beauty of real stone to offer a warm and comfortable bathing experience.

The Lithocast baths with durable Lithocast solid surface material and integral slotted overflows comes in three models – the Abrazo, Aliento, and Askew Lithocast – that combines comfort and style.

“The need for a spacious, functional and trendy bathroom designs among our Middle East customers has heightened the need for Kohler to continue personalising the bathing experience for homeowners,” said Mohamed Nada, regional marketing manager, Kohler Co.

“In the past, people didn’t pay a lot of attention to bathroom designs and baths were typically positioned as fixed units in the room. This has evolved and people are now looking for more creative bathroom elements to make their bathrooms more personalized and enjoyable,” he added.

The Kohler Lithocast solid surface material has a matte finish that looks like stone, but feels warm to the touch, comfortable on the body and is  easy to clean and maintain.

The Abrazo bath design, inspired by clay pottery, measures 167.6cm x 80cm x 71cm and features an organic oval shape.

The Aliento bath is spacious with lumbar support on both ends and measures 167.6cm x 91.4cm x 63.5cm.

The Askew bath is comfortable with a geometric design that has the exterior appearance of three slightly-offset and stacked rectangles creating a contemporary look. The bath measures 182.9cm x 87.6cm x 62.2cm with lumbar support on both ends.

On all three models, each bath has a sculpted lumbar support and the drain is hidden by an integral cover cast from the same Lithocast material to create a smooth, uninterrupted look and a clean aesthetic.

The Lithocast baths are now available across the Middle East through Kohler Co.’s regional distributor network.

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