Kitty Hawk launches prototype of first personal aircraft that flies over water

Kitty Hawk launches prototype of first personal aircraft that flies over water

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Kitty Hawk has revealed a prototype of an electric vehicle that acts as a personal aircraft and flies over water.

Dubbed the Kitty Hawk Flyer, the vehicle is planned to hit the market next year, according to the US-based start-up company who is backed by Google co-founder, Larry Page.

The Kity Hawk Flyer features eight spinning propellers that are powered by eight motors- much like many of the power drones in the market today.

The firm is positioning its flying machine as a vehicle for the joyrider, only operational to fly over water. The vehicle is to be manually operated and, according to Kitty Hawk, can be flown by riders after only minutes of instruction.

In a video shared by the company, the Flyer is shown flying over a lake, although it has been revealed that the final design will have a different look and feel to the one demonstrated in the video.

The Flyer is only one of the recent additions to the flying vehicles launches, followed by Uber’s vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOLs), working alongside Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority RTA) to identify best locations for ‘VertiPorts’ – take-off and landing base – for driverless flying cars.

In February, it was also announced that RTA, in collaboration with Chinese EHANG Company had carried out the first test run of an autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) capable of carrying a human.

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