King Fahad national library re-opens

King Fahad national library re-opens

The King Fahad national library in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has re-opened its doors to the public after ten years since it won an international competition to be completed by German studio Gerber Architekten.

As part of a large urban scale development to facilitate interaction, collaboration and study, the design of the library involved refurbishing and extending the existing building.

The cuboid shape of the new building surrounds and protects the existing building, while creatinf a new set of elevations.

The building is characterised by its filigree textile façade which is made of rhomboid awnings cladding using traditional Middle Eastern architectural patterns.

Advanced technological solutions can be seen in the façade’s white membrane, supported by a tensile-stressed cable structure which serves as sunshades, reinterpreting traditional patterns.

At night the building is illuminated with changing colour patterns.

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