Kashida lands in Jeddah

Kashida lands in Jeddah

Jeddah, Kashida, Shatee District, Tanween Design Boutique

Kashida, Lebanese product and furniture design company, which brings Arabic letterform to interior spaces is now available at Tanween Design Boutique, Shatee District, Jeddah.

This is the first time the company has entered the Saudi market. It was founded by Mirna Hamady and Elie Abou Jamra, both graphic design graduates from the American University of Beirut.

The word ‘Kashida’ is the Arabic for the glyph that is used to elongate the spacing between two letters, creating a smooth bridge between them.

“Upon launching Kashida, the team was keen on expanding rather quickly to regional markets. Residents in the GCC have expressed remarkable enthusiasm for our brand, notably in KSA,” said Hamady.

“Kashida uses modern Arabic typography to create contemporary furniture and home accessories, and there is a niche market of design-oriented buyers waiting for this sort of product, not only in KSA but several regional markets as well.”

A one-stop design portal, Tashkeil created Tanween Design Boutique as a platform to showcase the work of independent Middle Eastern designers in an exclusive showroom.

It sees itself as a Design Museum that revives the region’s heritage as an eclectic centre for design, art, architecture and culture in the hope of reducing designers’ migration to other locations around the world.

“The essence of Tashkeil is to extend hands – that is equipping, facilitating, fostering and incubating those independent designers to take a more progressive role in their communities,” a spokesman said

“Tashkeil is the link between designers, investors, regional and international markets. It also connects regional and international design industry as part of its cross-cultural exchange mission.”

Located in Jeddah, in the exclusive Al-Shatea district, Tanween features several new designers, every two months displaying everything from fashion, art, jewellery, architecture, graphic, industrial and photography depending on the theme.

The last event in February was called, ‘Nuqta’ featuring an array of designers from all over the region as a precursor to its grand opening, which will be held in a few month’s time.

The designers featured at Nuqta were: Kashida (Lebanon – Product); May Al-Qassar (Kuwait – jewellery); Jarrah Al-Bloushi (Kuwait – art/photography); Amina Khalil (Egypt – fashion); Nivine Maktabi (Lebanon – home); and Mahin Hussein (Pakistan – fashion accessories).

The boutique is open on an appointment basis. For information visit or email Yolanda Perez at

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