Karim Rashid designs Ottawa dining collection for BoConcept

Karim Rashid designs Ottawa dining collection for BoConcept

BoConcept, Karim Rashid

BoConcept has partnered with renowned designer Karim Rashid to launch its spring 2012 collection.

He has designed a complete dining set called The Ottawa dining collection incorporating cups, rug and lamps to dining table, chairs and sideboard.

The collection was designed in honour of the formative years of Rashid’s career, when he studied design in Ottawa, Canada.

“Because BoConcept does an entire living environment, it was nice to sketch, draw and think about the entire setting – from the micro to the macro. We go from a cup to the table, to the carpet, and start to build the whole environment,” said Rashid.

“I have been following BoConcept since their first store opened in Paris in 1993 and it has always been a company I wanted to work with. So I thought it was almost God’s will when I met them in Milan and decided to do this project together.

“BoConcept makes really qualitative, progressive design and most importantly, they make it accessible through their global presence and price level. So more people can live with contemporary design.”

The Ottawa collection is available at all BoConcept stores including Mall of Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


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