Karen Michelle Evans displays new rug collection at Dubai’s J+A Gallery

Karen Michelle Evans displays new rug collection at Dubai’s J+A Gallery

Winner of CID Awards 2013 Interior Designer of the Year, Karen Michelle Evans has recently launched a new rug collection that’s currently on display at Dubai’s J+A Gallery.

Held from May 10 – May 29, Art off the Loom displays a number of rugs from Evans’ new Ayka design company.

“I chose to launch my collection at J+A Gallery for a few reasons,” says Evans. “They have this amazing space and Arne and Sebastian [of J+A Gallery] were both so enthusiastic to bring something different into the Dubai art scene.

“They understood what I was trying to create from our very first meeting, even when I didn’t have the rugs to show them…So it was an instant appreciation of creative and different ideas that connected us.”

Working together with J+A Gallery, Evans has created a display that not only challenges the traditional showcase of rugs on the floor, but that also invites visitors to experience and touch the different hand spun silk and wool rugs.

Evans explains: “The visitor can stand back and view [the rugs] like paintings and see many different aspects of how the visitor themselves see the design…I find that each visitor always sees different things in the design, discovering their own visions so they are really becoming pieces of art.”

In addition to letting each piece reflect the viewer and his/her understanding of the artwork, Evans finds that the space at J+A Gallery has allowed her a positive platform to explain her work.

She concludes: “I really enjoy the questions they ask me about my inspirations and how they are made; I’m excited to tell them as each design has its own unique story.”


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