Jotun releases international range

Jotun releases international range

UAE: Jotun Paints’ 2014 Colour Collection has recently launched into the market, with aims to bring together the varying aesthetics prominently valued by eastern and western cultures.

“This year is special, as the trends are truly global. This was a collaborative effort from different markets,” explained Rana Khadra, the regional brand manager, interior Middle East, India & Africa at Jotun Paints.

“We opted for a collection that offers everyone something while being in line with the latest upcoming colour trends. In our efforts to be even closer to consumers, we are bringing the modernity and minimalism of the West to the East, and taking the warmth and glamour of the East to the West,” she added.

The 2014 Colour Collection combines aesthetic tastes from Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East. And its colour chart focuses on three separate themes: Urban Casual, New Comforting and Travel in Style.

The collection’s rich colours includes petrol blue, bordeaux, rusty red and a new hue referred to as ‘Mexico Yellow’.

Khadra said: “Urban Casual has strong nuances [like] retro blue, [shades of] green and a vibrant orange such as 2587 Beat, [which] are perfectly partnered with the neutrals like brown and white.”

She further noted: “In the New Comforting collection, you will find soft [tones like] pastel blues, purples and greens mixed with subtle greys and neutrals.”

According to Khadra, each theme appeals to a different style and creates various moods.

While New Comforting and Urban Casual centre on playfulness, creativity, simplicity and stillness, Travel in Style breaks away and reels in more oriental elements with soft velvets, dark wood hues and gold details. It is richer in its aesthetic foundation, while Urban Casual maintains a masculine base and New Comforting applies popular Scandinavian styling.

While Pantone has come out with a number of pastel-like shades for this year’s colour trends, Jotun seems to be following the beat of its own drum.

“Petroli blue is our hero colour this year,” said Khadra. “It’s a rich deep blue that does wonders when painted on a wall…Blue this year is the colour and we see it across all industries, for example in the fashion industry with Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.”

Jotun creates its own trends, as the company is known for attending exhibitions in Paris and Milan and works with a team of colour experts and trend forecasters.

“We always ensure relevance to our region and our effects always stem from consumers and trend research,” said Khadra.

“Working closer with designers and being part of the world of inspiration is where we wish to focus. We believe this is how we can truly inspire our consumers and be unique.”

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