Jotun partners with Home Centre to launch ‘Colour Trends 2011’

Jotun partners with Home Centre to launch ‘Colour Trends 2011’

Home Centre, Jotun Paints

Jotun Paints has partnered with the Home Centre to promote ‘Colour Trends 2011’ in the Middle East.

‘Colour Trends 2011’ is based on current interior design trends that reflect Arabic culture and lifestyle. It is made up of four trends — ‘Festival of Colours’; ‘From the Earth’, ‘The Princesses’ and ‘Generations’ with 24 colours and six colours per palette.

The product range also aims to complement this year’s growing trend of more eco-friendly raw forms of design; focusing on basic elements like greenery, mud, wood and stone.

‘The Princesses’ provides users with a more chic and romantic look while ‘Generations’ pays tribute to age old ethnic patterns. ‘Festival of Colours’ provides a back draft for celebrating life and creates an ambience for eternal festivities.

“Our customers in the Middle East are slowly ushering in new trends like the use of more earthy colours and patterns, however, bright colours and interplay between dark and light hues will still be fashionable,” said Ashish Vasudev, marketing and retail manager, Jotun Paints.

“Our new collection also strongly shows the Arabic characteristic of love for tradition and culture – that is why we also have a fourth trend for 2011 known as ‘Generations’ or ‘Ajiyal’.”

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