Jotun & EGBC to host event on paints and building sustainability

Jotun & EGBC to host event on paints and building sustainability

Jotun Paints and the Emirates Green Building Council (Emirates GBC) will jointly host a networking event on ‘Paints and Building Sustainibility’ on September 27, 2011, at the Novotel Hotel, Dubai.

The event will feature a panel discussion with resource speakers and senior officials from the Emirates GBC and Jotun including: Bent Haflan, group vice president R&D – decorative, Jotun A/S; Malek El Husseini, business development director, GE Healthcare; Tyrone Lawson, sustainability technical director, WSP Group and Samuel Keehn, environmental and sustainability manager, EMS.

“Our co-operation with the Emirates GBC will allow us to further our commitment towards calling for the adoption of more green building policies in the Middle East region, in general and the UAE in particular,” said Haflan.

“This also proves to be an opportune time to demonstrate our new Jotashield Extreme, which has unique heat reflective capabilities and can help cut energy consumption.” he added.

“The networking event underlines our commitment to actively involve various stakeholders in the building supply chain and promote the importance of sustainable built environments. Every aspect of building development can be managed effectively to make it environmentally sustainable, and a concerted approach by all our partners will help us to achieve our vision of a greener city,” said Adnan Sharafi, chairman, Emirates GBC.

At the event, Haflan will make a presentation on the contribution of paint to sustainability, and Jotun’s latest line of eco-friendly paints, Jotashield Extreme. The new product line addresses the growing need for heat reflective and eco-friendly paints in the Middle East region.

The panel discussions will touch on  topics like ‘Is being Green a trend or a response to a true awakening in the Middle East,’ ‘Are the terms ‘Green Building’ and ‘Green Construction’ misused?,’ ‘The growing concern towards Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect’ and ‘The challenges of building sustainability in the Middle East.’

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