Jean Nouvel wallpaper design reflects London summer

Jean Nouvel wallpaper design reflects London summer

Summer Hours in Kensington is the name of a wallpaper designed by Jean Nouvel which aims to recreate the feeling of a sunny afternoon spent in London’s Hyde Park.

The design –created in partnership with the city’s Serpentine Gallery and New York textiles brand Maharam – features sections of red and green that blend into each other and are overlaid onto photographs of people in the park.

The colours refer back to the architect’s 2010 Serpentine Gallery pavilion, which was similarly covered in a bright red translucent façade and the red represents the brick of the gallery, or London sights such as buses and telephone boxes, while the green refers to park foliage.

“Hyde Park, Kensington: the simplicity and openness of these gently tamed expanses,” said Nouvel.

“Green grass as a backdrop, stretches of leafy trees creating depth of field and an aura of calm freedom floats in the air.”

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