Jean Nouvel creates two marble carpets for Citco

Jean Nouvel creates two marble carpets for Citco

French architect Jean Nouvel has created two marble carpets entitled ‘286 million years’ for Italian stone suppliers Citco, which will be exhibited as part of a solo show in Paris.

Taking place at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the exhibition called ‘Jean Nouvel, mes meubles d’architecte’, displays the architects love for marble.

“I love marble because it is extracted from the depths of our earth… I love it just as I love the cosmos,” said Nouvel.

Tapis Carré

“From the Jurassic period, between 150 and 200 million years ago, it suggest the planet in fusion. I wanted to pay homage to this fragment that has lived for 150 million years and will live on for many more to come. I consider it the basis of a work of art that still has to be revealed. In this world of synthetic materials, being able to place your feet on a fragment of eternity becomes very reassuring,” he added.

The pieces are made up of two carpets in Red Kilimanjaro Onyx which suggests “the vast expanses of faraway and unfathomable landscapes”.

Tapis Rectangle

The cutting of the marble parts generates a three-dimensional effect, where the carpets are set into a grid like geographical maps, inserted like jewels and polished.

Citco has also worked with other prolific names in the field of architecture including Zaha Hadid, Normal Foster and Daniel Libeskind.

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