Italian furniture brand Baldi opens in Jeddah and Doha

Italian furniture brand Baldi opens in Jeddah and Doha

Baldi, Luca Bojola, Paolo Consani Baldi and Anna Ponziani, Vincenzo Consani.

Florence-based furniture manufacturer Baldi, which specialises in bronzes and semi-precious stones, has opened a Boutique in Jeddah and Doha, designed by Luca Bojola.

The company now run by Paolo Consani Baldi and Anna Ponziani was founded in 1867 as the Florentine atelier of sculpture Vincenzo Consani.

Its products are made using ancient hanidcraft techniques from the way the stones are cut, to chisel shaping, lost wax casting to the gilding.

One of its most striking pieces to date is the bathtub cut from a block of pure rock crystal from the Amazonian Forest.

“The use of colourful stones in the production of decorative objects has been popular in Italy since the Renaissance where the work of precious stones was flourishing in Florence under the influence of the Medici family,” a spokesman said.

“The ancient techniques are now used in the production of unique pieces for the house; through amethyst and rock crystal, tiger eye, malachite, jasper and lapis luzuli.”

Baldi currently has boutiques in London, Dubai, Moscow, China, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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