“It is important to invest in your people,” says Ben Corrigan

“It is important to invest in your people,” says Ben Corrigan

Bluehaus Group

Throughout the boom, the global financial crisis, the post-crisis recovery and the recent oil price slump, the Dubai-based Bluehaus Group has grown steadily from three to 60 people, and is celebrating its 15th birthday in April.

Commenting on the challenges of managing the team, Ben Corrigan, CEO and founder of Bluehaus Group, says he considers himself to be “a servant-leader”.


“If our people are served and at their best then we all benefit, including our clients and partners,” he explains. “We live in a transient part of the world, so it is important to invest in your people and culture, while looking to encourage new and exciting talent, to ensure the people you have are happy and engaged to deliver their best work.

“We also drive a no-nonsense culture; if it needs saying, say it. We encourage people to speak up regardless of rank or title, challenge when necessary, show discipline around meetings or workshops and deliver on promises both externally and internally. In this fast-moving market, we don’t have time for politics or bureaucracy.

“That said, we as leaders understand our people work long hours, so the time we spend in the office or out supporting clients and partners should be engaging and enjoyable. We work to ensure there is a positive energy in the office.”

Bluehaus Group recently launched its “2020 Vision” for all of its divisions.

“We invest in leadership and team coaching from an organisation called 2bLimitless. This is something we embarked on during the global financial crisis and now consider to be a fundamental aspect of leading and building our business.”

In addition to the coaching, all employees have undertaken the Gallup Strengths-Finder, leading people to move into roles that best suit their strengths, which Corrigan describes as a win-win situation.”

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