Islamic Conference HQ handed to Austrian firm

Islamic Conference HQ handed to Austrian firm

Austrian firm Atelier Thomas Pucher has won a competition to design the headquarters for the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Jeddah.

Acting as a beacon for the international authority, the architectural design portrays a modern understanding of Islamic roots.

The 40,000m2 complex in the heart of city will be covered by a huge roof, resembling a sand dune, and punctuated by a 162m-high tower.

An atrium runs through the centre of the tower in the shape of an Islamic star. At noon, the sun shines directly into the hall, and no shadow is cast outside.

At the base of the tower the large entrance hall contains a 26m-high dome. The ceiling design takes the traditional geometric star pattern and separates it into three-dimensional layers that only align at the central point.

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