Hadid still vying to win Iraq parliament project

Hadid still vying to win Iraq parliament project

The Iraqi authorities are reported to be in discussion with Zaha Hadid regarding her firm’s proposal for the parliament project, which was officially won by Assemblage in an international competition.

A representative from Zaha Hadid Architects told The Guardian: “Zaha Hadid Architects was made aware that the competition rules allow for any of the submitted design proposals to be selected for construction, irrespective of placement in the competition and only on this basis ZHA continues to address the committee’s ongoing queries. To our knowledge, no decision has been made.”

No images of Hadid’s design have been released.  Meanwhile, an Assemblage  director  expressed an objection towards “fashionable iconic buildings” in an apparent nod towards ZHA.

Speaking to architecture blog Dezeen, Peter Besley, said: “The industry is all too familiar with the failure of the fashionable icon building which is supposed to bring fame to a city and instead brings a cost and functional nightmare, and a rapidly dating aesthetic.”

“Some in the client body know this, some do not, and it’s something they need resolve internally,” he added.

Instead of designing a single iconic building for Iraq, the architecture studio proposed a series of three low-rise structures that would let in natural light and be easy for visitors to navigate.

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