Iranian women’s lives explored in art

Iranian women’s lives explored in art

Iranian-born Sara Niroobakhsh is a Toronto-based visual artist whose work has been on show throughout the Middle East in recent year.

Holding a master’s degree in Iillustration from Art University in Tehran, she has been working as a painter, photographer, and video artist since 2008.

Niroobakhsh’s works explore the relationship between ancient cultures, semiotics, monuments, and memories.

Her portraits tell not only her story as an Iranian woman, but also illustrate the experiences of Iranian women in general.

Using the camera as both a “reciter of memories” and an eyewitness, Niroobakhsh illustrates the ongoing conflict between the desires and ambitions of Iranian women in a man’s world, and the often dull realities they face throughout their daily lives – often against their will.

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