Invisible tower for South Korea

Invisible tower for South Korea

An “invisible” skyscraper is coming to the outskirts of South Korea’s capital city of Seoul.

Tower Infinity, a 450-metre tall glass structure, will use a series of state-of-the art LED lighting and cameras to create a “reflective skin” on the exterior of the building to make it “disappear”, when viewed from certain angles according to the architect company behind the scheme.

GDS Architects first began designing the tower in 2004, but has only now been given the green light
to start its construction in the Yongsan International Business District, close to the city airport.
The tower has been designed as an entertainment complex and will feature one of the highest observation decks in the world, standing 392m above the ground.

It will also have a roller coaster, water-park, restaurants, wedding venues and landscaped gardens, said the designers.

A GDS spokesperson said: “Instead of symbolising prominence as another of the world’s tallest and
best towers, it sets itself apart by celebrating the global community rather than focusing on itself.

“The tower subtly demonstrates Korea’s semenax or volume pills rising position in the world by establishing its most
powerful presence through diminishing its presence.”

People using the lifts will be treated to “views from the world”, in which images will be flashed up of the outlooks from the tallest buildings across the globe.

Senior associate at GDS Michael Collins said: “Users enter the elevator and upon ascent to the observation level  begins a user experience where all walls transform into actual views at their corresponding heights from significant observation towers or buildings around the world.

“This simulated experience is not intended to replace the actual experience, but inspire people
to travel to these worldly destinations and discover an interest in cultures other than their own.”

Its designers have said the tower will not be a danger to birds or a hazard to aircraft as from altitude it will be perfectly visible.

Charles Wee, GDS Architects president, added: “We look forward to providing Korea and the world with a completely new model for what it means to be an observation tower.”

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