Interiors inspired by Harry Potter

Interiors inspired by Harry Potter

Harry Potter, Interior design

The last Harry Potter movie has finally come out, and with the wizarding world finally at a close, fans might be using scenes from the movies to inspire the look of their home.

Various settings of the movies might lend itself to your home, including the Dursley’s home on Privet Drive, the eccentric look of the Weasley’s Burrow and even the rich splendour of the Malfoy’s mansion.

The typical English countryside home has a decidedly pink/purple shading, with traditional doilies, wallpapers and large, comfortable sofas, all with a touch of formality and staidness.

The Burrow can be adapted for someone who enjoys a messy and eccentric look. It’s a typical second-hand look, with bright colours everywhere. Nothing matches in this design, with a mixture of stripes, patterns and colours. This is not a look you can get from shopping at mainstream stores.

The Malfoy’s mansion looks dark, cold and evil in the movies, but with a little tweaks, it can work for an elegant home. Work with vintage furniture and sleek colours like blacks, whites and silvers. Elaborate and timeless accessories can help with the look.

Hogwarts school also has design elements that can be used in a home. The children’s rooms can be styled like the dormitories we see in the movies, with single beds surrounded by rich canopies, and simple bed covering designs, with muted shades to contrast with the rich colour of the canopy.

Dumbledore’s office is decidedly vintage and gothic, with solid furniture everywhere and gold picture frames. He has a lot of books in his study, so this look would work for your own.

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