The Interiors Group completes sleek London offices

The Interiors Group completes sleek London offices

The Interiors Group has recently fitted out the London offices for FIXI PLC, an independent brokerage house, in a sleek and contemporary style.

In addition to conveying the brand’s image, the client required an architectural design, maintaining a consistent theme throughout the office space, front of house, common and technical areas.

“Our criteria for the new office space was restricted, in that we needed to remain within the square mile,” said Richard Wynn, CEO, FIXI PLC.

“Our image is extremely important to us, therefore the fitting out and furnishing of the new office space was a paramount priority,” he added.

The brief for the project required a design that was both economical and practical, without compromising the quality, intending to create a space that is contemporary, bright and as well as accommodating.

In response to the requirements, The Interiors Group incorporated full height glass and partitions, with glass print partitions used for the meeting room and cellular offices in order to create as much light as possible, opening up the space.

The reception desk consists of timber surround and a glass front, displaying the FIXI logo in stainless steel.

The project was completed within eight weeks, with The Interiors Group working closely with project management team, CBRE.

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