Interior fit-out SAS calls for redesign of ‘transportation hubs’

Interior fit-out SAS calls for redesign of ‘transportation hubs’

Andrew Jackson, Director, Public Infrastructure UAE conference, SAS International

Andrew Jackson, director, SAS International, manufacturer of interior fit-out products, has called for improvements in the design and architecture of transport infrastructure in the run-up to the Public Infrastructure UAE conference on March 5.

Abu Dhabi’s executive council recently approved spending on a range of development projects in real estate, healthcare, transport and education including new terminal facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport expected to handle 27million passengers a year when completed in 2016.

“There’s great opportunity and scope to look afresh at the architecture and design of these transportation hubs to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s travel needs, for those within the GCC and from further afield,” said Jackson.

Reflecting on how improvement to transport infrastructure is being seen around the world with projects setting the standard for the future he said it is important that these facilities are designed around passenger experience and movement with large sweeping areas allowing for stress free journeys but ease of access for maintenance and cleaning, which is crucial for longevity, security and safety.

“The demand for innovative and interesting interiors must be balanced with the use of high performance products,” he said.

“It’s not just a question of design aesthetics, with beautifully finished interiors, maintenance is essential to ensure they stay this way. The durability is of paramount importance for such high traffic areas.”

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