Interior designers and architects should use social media, say designers

Interior designers and architects should use social media, say designers

With blogs, Facebook and Twitter being used by professionals in different fields, should the interior design and architecture industry also jump in?

designMENA spoke to a few designers who said yes.

“I think it’s important that designers blog and use social media,” said Dina Murali Belgami, Dubai-based interior designer.

She said the culture in the region was such that clients want the “design done yesterday”. With so many clients and suppliers, it’s a good idea to have a blog and Twitter account to connect with others in the industry.

“In places like the US, most designers blog, are on Twitter, and know their colleagues,” Belgami added.

She said even though it’s a busy industry, they should take out the time to blog and tweet, and mention, for example, suppliers they have used in various projects to let the industry know their opinion on various items.

Belgami said she once blogged about a project she worked on in Dubai where she used lighting by Christoph Matthias-Litchenfest. She then got in touch with the creator and ended up staying in touch.

“At the end of it, using social media is an artistic outlet. I feel perhaps there’s a generation gap, but I would definitely encourage interior designers and architects to use social media more,” she added.

designMENA tweeted about this issue; here’s a summary of some of the replies we received:

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