Interior designer Steve Leung partners with Goodrich Global

Interior designer Steve Leung partners with Goodrich Global

Goodrich Global, Interior designer Steve Leung

Interior designer Steve Leung is partnering with Asian wallcovering supplier, Goodrich Global, to showcase 10 hand-painted designs at its studio.

The exhibition called “Your Cover Story” will feature the artwork at its gallery in Wan Chai, Hong Kong til May 6.

The brand has turned wallcoverings into canvases that portray different stories, with flowers and birds as the theme, with patterns including green bamboos, peonies, daisies, peacocks and leiothrix.

All veteran artisans at Goodrich Global are graduates from renowned art institutes in mainland China.

“Every sheet of Goodrich Global’s distinctive hand-painted wallcoverings requires the most painstaking selection of materials and flawless skills,” said Edson Khoo, regional head of wallcovering, Goodrich.

“Besides these, each roll of moisture-proof, easy-to-clean and seamless wallcovering has to go through a series of innovative processes before it meets perfection. Dedicated to manufacture eco-friendly and zero-harm products, we customise products with customers who decide what themes, concepts, and sizes their dream wallcovering will be.”

Visitors can hand-paint their own wallcovering under the guidance of the artisans to create their own ‘Cover Story’.

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