Interior design & MEP work co-ordinated by Bluehaus

Bluehaus Group completed the concept design, design development and co-ordination of the 10,000 square feet office of a US-based finance house.

With the  expansion and relocation of the Franklin Templeton’s DIFC offices, the brief included the development of an interior that reflected the history of the organisation while displaying a progressive, elegant and clean approach.

Although a multi-national, the organisation does not have design standards or guidelines so an element of freedom was allowed throughout the design phase.

“The brand and history is strong so it was important that this was respected. Black faceted glass cladding is used with an arabscato marble to offer a sense of history contrasted with a CNC cut back-lit reception facade with green glass and stainless steel to offer a contemporary and clean elegance,” said Ben Corrigan, group director, Bluehaus.

The back-of-house workplace is deliberately consistent offering open-plan personnel a level of privacy whilst maintaining an openness to encourage communication. Closed offices are minimal and majority glazed in keeping with the culture of the business.

The design firm emphasised co-oordination between architecture and services, where the final design showcased a reception and front of house where much of the MEP and services are concealed or discreetly located, further enhancing the elegance and cleanness of the interior.

“We have a saying within Bluehaus Group: ‘The difference between a good interior and a great interior is coordination.’ We believe the success of the coordination with this project illustrates this philosophy,” he added.

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