InterfaceFLOR launches app for iPads, PCs and laptops

InterfaceFLOR launches app for iPads, PCs and laptops

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InterfaceFLOR, modular flooring has launched a digital marketing application for iPads, PCs and laptops to coincide with the Festival of Interior Design.

The InterfaceFLOR Product Selector showcases the company’s entire product portfolio and allows customers to order samples and select products.

It features a floor designer tool where users can bring their design vision to life by visualising their favourite carpet tiles in virtual room settings.

The technology can be used by specifiers in the Middle East to search and browse through InterfaceFLOR’s portfolio by colour, category or latest collections.

It also provides full product information, with supporting documents, which are available to view and download.  These include InterfaceFLOR’s ‘Just the Facts’ guide on how to choose the most sustainable products, the company’s editorial Collections Magazine, with case studies and interviews as well as marketing brochures and videos.

“At InterfaceFLOR we are continually looking for innovative ways to demonstrate the design capabilities of our carpet tiles, while reducing the impact on the environment and the new Product Selector does just that,” said Ana Seixas, director of marketing, Middle East, Africa and India, InterfaceFLOR.

“The app cuts the amount of printed marketing materials that we use while interacting with our customers and giving them all the information they need at their fingertips.”

The app reduces the need for printed shade cards and carpet tile samples, further reducing InterfaceFLOR’s impact on the environment. The company’s global aim is to be the world’s first sustainable business by 2020 by eliminating any impact it has on the environment.

Known as Mission Zero, it has already made an 82% reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill globally.

The Festival of Interior Design (FoID) is an event launched by APID (Association of Professional Interior Designers) to raise awareness of the industry at the same time as INDEX interior design tradeshow at DWTC.

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