Interface launches new collection in Dubai

Interface launches new collection in Dubai

Interface launched its new collection, Urban Retreat, on the 13th of December in The Farm, Al Barari, displaying its nature-inspired carpets at the event.

Being the firm’s first global collection, Claire Baillet, senior vice president of marketing, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India said: “This is really important because wherever you are in the world, you can take the product and have it produced locally.”

The inspiration behind the design comes from Biophilia, the science of people’s instinctive love of nature.

Baillet revealed that through observation, it is evident that people are getting tired of living in an urban environment and have a natural pull towards the essence of life.

“The idea is to help corporate offices to achieve this natural effect,” she explained.

She added that for Interface, sustainability plays a large role in addition to the aesthetics of the product.

“The fibre we use is 100% recycled nylon,” she said, and added that the combined structures of the carpet tiles comes from the firm’s bespoke technology called the ‘Tapestry machine’.

Baillet stated that up until now, the collection has received extremely positive feedback, being launched across the globe.

“People were amazed at the quality that we have managed to achieve and the natural effect of these carpets. They really loved it!” she said.

In terms of future plans, Baillet revealed that Interface will be launching another global scale collection for 2013.

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