Interface introduces three new nature-inspired collections

Interface introduces three new nature-inspired collections

Designed by David Oakey, Interface introduces three new nature-inspired collections that evoke a variety of earthly textures

As part of its campaign to lay ‘A Foundation for Beautiful Thinking’, flooring manufacturer, Interface, has unveiled three global carpet tile collections influenced by nature’s ability to inspire and energise.
Equal Measure, Narratives and Near & Far collections all embrace biophilic design, using subtle, natural analogues to create restorative spaces that help promote well-being, boost productivity and facilitate beautiful work.

Designed by David Oakey, Interface’s frequent collaborator, and spurred on by the data from the Human Spaces report, which found that natural elements in the workplace increased well-being and creativity by 15%, the new global offerings explore the transition between the outdoor and interior environments.

Helmich Jousma, concept designer at Interface says: “Biophilia has been the bedrock of our exemplary designs and its values for many years. The Human Spaces report built on that foundation by bringing workplace well-being and productivity to the fore, opening up an even greater wealth of opportunity for innovation in the global design community.

“While these three new collections take inspiration from nature, particularly the variations and flow found in colours and textures, the need to create still, simple spaces that promote well-being is the main influence.

The great benefit of the global collections is their versatility. The range of neutral colours and varying textures encompassed in the designs creates a fundamental base on which engaging environments, incorporating this trend for calming spaces, can be built.”

Equal Measure

Like the crossroads of two streets, Equal Measure moves easily in four directions, end-to-end and side-to-side. Offered in eight neutral colourways, the Skinny Planks can be composed in a variety of applications: ashlar and herringbone installations; energetic, graphic configurations; or in combination with any of Interface’s other Skinny Planks or square carpet tile designs.

Near & Far

A collection of Skinny Planks inspired by weathered wood and rocks, the Near & Far range studies light and shade to evoke the tones of these natural elements in its precise designs. Near &Far is available in eight neutral colourways and can be used to create one-of-a-kind floor designs in commercial interiors of all types.



Narratives tells a tale about contrast and minimalism using oriental motifs. The different textures can be used independently or combined in complementary ways for a solid yet soft foundation that contributes to the quiet atmospheres needed to perform and feel well in work.



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