Interface use discarded nets as material for carpets

Carpet tile manufacturer Interface is helping the environment and getting an innovative source of recycled materials for its carpet tiles.

Partnering with conservation charity, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Interface will tackle the growing problem of discarded fishing nets in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities.

The Net-Works partnership, which launches with a six-month pilot on Danajon Bank, the Philippines, aims to establish a community based supply chain for discarded nets that will improve the livelihood of local fishers, and allow Interface to re-use the material for its products

Fishing nets made from different types of nylon – often the same nylon used to make carpet yarn – are frequently discarded due to wear and tear and then replaced. In developing countries, artisanal fishers  leave their nets on beaches or in the sea where they can last for centuries, continuing to catch or injure marine life and pollute beaches.

Nigel Stansfield, chief innovation officer, Interface, said: “Our Mission Zero goal is to eliminate our negative impact on the Earth by 2020, and phasing out our reliance on virgin raw materials is a big part of this.

“Partnering with ZSL and other experts, our objective is to convert ‘waste’ from the environment – in this case, discarded fishing nets – into raw materials for our own manufacturing.”

“And what’s really special is that at the same time we are aiming to create livelihood opportunities for some of the world’s poorest, coastal communities – communities that are often overlooked,” he said.

Stansfield added this is a “great example of organisations from different sectors coming together and pushing the boundaries – collaborating on a project with the potential to be good for the environment, for society and for the bottom-line.”

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