InterContinental set to open on Dubai Marina

InterContinental set to open on Dubai Marina

UAE: InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is set to open the hotelier’s third InterContinental Hotel in the Dubai area by the end of the year.

In addition to the standard hotel, which will house 132 hotel rooms, InterContinental will also provide fully fitted apartments designed by local design firm Draw Link Group.

“The design concept in the hotel’s apartment is different from the hotel. Indeed [we] wanted to give a maximum of comfort for a 5-star hotel, but [at] the same time offer a homey feeling,” explained Fahda Barrack, senior architect, Draw Link Group.

InterContinental will consist of 196 residential apartments, with each maintaining a pure and minimal design that offers an elegant and cosy environment.

“When living in a hotel apartment, where the stay can be either for a short or very long period, guests usually require the same facilities and features that they would have at home, but with the added comfort and care of hospitality. With panoramic views of the city and marina, each apartment offers a perspective that gives the feeling of being in a unique space,” commented Draw Link Group.

The design and architecture studio aimed at maintaining a focus on practicality, and worked to preserve a distinction between “living in” and “staying at”.

“Here Viagra [we] wanted to give comfort to the client but without [stuffing] the space with so many things, that’s why a minimalist style for the interior was the perfect choice,” explained Barrak.

Each apartment follows a clean grey and white palette, with additional teak wood elements. Each space follows simplicity and purity. The refined design allows guests to fill the room up with their own belongings, while also getting a feel for the space.

In addition to the natural and minimalist style, there are a number of accent marks that can be found throughout the range of apartments. For example, the colourful accent pieces, like red rugs and seat cushions, as well as the graphic pillows, all add funky elements that offer a break from the polished environment.

In the living rooms, large sharp edges define the space, while a full range of grey and neutral tones soften the ambiance and evoke Japanese minimalism.

Draw Link added: “Contrasting textured surfaces along with white and grey colours, from the carpeted and tiled floors to the wallpapered and wood cladded walls, bring out the variance and flexibility of modern apartment living. The classic lines of the elegant furniture and carefully selected accessories complement the overall well-being and comfort of a contemporary lifestyle.”

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