Interactive art installation at Miami airport

Interactive art installation at Miami airport

Christopher Janney, Miami International Airport, Miami-Dade County’s Art in Public Places

Harmonic Convergence, a large-scale art installation by artist, architect and composer Christopher Janney, is nearing completion at Miami International Airport.

It features a 72-foot-long window wall with diamond-shaped panes of coloured glass in front of a white structural steel “X-Bracing” frame. With a palette of over 150 transparent colours, Janney has created a gradually changing pattern ranging from deep reds to bright violets, similar to a rainbow.

The project is part of Miami-Dade County’s Art in Public Places programme and is located in the passenger connector walkway that is the entrance into the airport.

As travellers enter the space, they will hear sounds that Janney recorded during trips to the Florida Everglades, scuba dives in the ocean, and other natural environments of South Florida.

“This is my fifth project in South Florida,” said Janney. “It is one of my favourite places in the world. I love the sounds of the subtropics most particularly the Everglades, the ocean shore and underwater sounds, especially sounds both real, as in whales and porpoises, and imagined, i.e. mermaids and Atlantis.”

Trained as an architect and jazz musician, Janney is an American artist whose work explores the relationships between sound and architecture, often-transforming otherwise ordinary spaces into “hyper-reality” environments.


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