InSinkErator adds QR codes to its food waste disposers

InSinkErator adds QR codes to its food waste disposers

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InSinkErator  has now added Quick Response (QR) codes to provide consumers with self-service tools to educate themselves on the features of modern kitchen products.

The firm has decided to use smart phone technology to allow consumers to educate themselves about the hygienic and convenient benefits of its food waste disposers at the point of sale.

With the use of QR codes and a smart phone, consumers who see the company’s products in retail stores can instantly view brief videos that show how food waste disposers work, what the disposers can grind and how to select the right model.

The QR codes are now printed on all InSinkErator food waste disposer packages and sales literature.

“Consumers who are able to educate themselves about food waste disposers quickly understand the benefits and aspire to have these innovative products in their kitchens,” said Mohamed Karam, business development manager – Middle East and Africa, InSinkErator.

When consumers see an InSinkErator food waste disposer, all they need to do is launch the QR code reader application, aim the smart phone at the QR code and the smart phone will automatically scan and read the code, directing the user to a special mobile InSinkErator website.

At the website, the user can select from a menu of six languages – including English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic – from which they will be directed to a menu of four questions that are most commonly asked by consumers, according to InSinkErator’s global research.

“In the future, InSinkErator plans to expand this innovative way of communicating with our customers to include additional languages and additional products, like our steaming hot water taps,” added Karam.

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