Initial investment in LED lights pays off in the long run

Initial investment in LED lights pays off in the long run

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While the initial capital investment in using LED lights is higher than other fixtures, the return on investment (ROI) is worth the amount spent, said Simon Fisher, general manager EMEA – indoor commercial LED luminaires, GE Lighting.

He said the green credentials of LED lighting and the fact that there’s no heavy metal in there which means it’s recyclable,  means every light source is slowly moving towards a whole life cost scenario.

“If it’s just a cost issue, then we won’t win this war. But when you link our credibility, our history and our ability to service this region and you tie that all together, it becomes a very good value process,” said Fisher.

When working through the development of this product range, GE Lighting did not focus on the cost of the product, instead on the ROI number. “When we were talking in yearly stages, we were not talking about whether it costs $100 or $200 but we were trying to get a 2-year ROI,” said Fisher.

Using LED lights means lesser replacement of the fixtures. “It’s a subjective thing but if you take a 4 by 18w fluorescent light fitting which is in the ceiling of a reasonably aged location, then we’re talking up to 440% energy saved just by swapping them out,” said Fisher.

GE Lighting’s LED solution is warrantied 5 years and 50,000 hours, which lasts three times longer than a regular fitting. “You have an immediate energy save and over the product lifetime you have maintenance cost saved because you don’t have to pay a guy to come in and change it for you,” he added.

In addition, once used, the LED lights can be recycled easily as it does not contain any mercury. It’s manufactured in aluminium, the light emitting surfaces are acrylic and 100% recyclable.

Fisher said there is a global directive called the WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), which is an obligation to help in the process of being able to recycle, reuse or dispose of lighting in a safe manner.

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