Infinite Technologies brings the smart home and office to Bahrain

Infinite Technologies brings the smart home and office to Bahrain

From Infinite Technologies:

Infinite Technologies brings high-end home and office automation and control systems to Bahrain. A smart system can be designed, installed and programmed that integrates lighting, shading, high-end media and entertainment systems, surveillance, telephone, climate control and more, bringing the functions of your home under your control – at the touch of your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device.

The Infinite Technologies Experience Centre is now open in Harbour House, at BFH. Visitors are invited to enjoy the experience of controlling functions such as lighting, music, telephone, cameras and cinema-grade video displays in vignettes that demonstrate high-quality integration of all these systems in commonly-used spaces, such as an office boardroom, a hotel suite, an entertainment venue, or a luxurious, custom-built home theatre.

Managing partner Jim Diez visited Bahrain and launched Infinite Technologies in May 2013. He regards Infinite Technologies as the first provider of integrated premium smart-home systems in the region, saying:“I met my Bahraini business partner about a year ago in San Diego, and when I visited Bahrain I saw a huge opportunity to develop a new market in the region. I have more than a decade of hands-on, start to finish experience in designing, programming and installing home, office and commercial automation and control solutions. We launched Infinite Technologies as a centre of excellence; to bring my team’s experience and expertise to Bahrain and the region; to create the finest in bespoke, integrated home and commercial control, automation and media display systems.”

Infinite Technologies is the new Bahrain sister company of San Diego-based Southwest Audio Visual Consulting, which has been providing systems integration for homes, offices and other venues for 10 years. Jim and his team of experts have deployed his bespoke systems in a multitude of upscale private homes and restaurants across California. SWAV Consulting has created automated boardrooms and training rooms for Fortune 500-listed companies such as Shell, Nissan and AllSteel. They have created bespoke private installations for celebrities and athletes. In Bahrain, Infinite Technologies are installing systems on the Reef Island and other VIP homes.


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