Inca designs inspire new bridge in Peru

Inca designs inspire new bridge in Peru

Inca jewellery and traditional South American designs have inspired a new bridge in Lima, Peru.

Designed by Madrid-based practice OOIIO Architecture, the Miraflores-Barranco Pedestrian Bridge is currently in design development with an expected completion date of 2016.

The concept is for a barbed wooden construction with triangular fronds reaching high into the air to provide shading and rest spaces for pedestrians.

Plans are to use recycled timber in construction work.

The bridge will link the districts of Miraflores – a region filled with retail outlets and parks dominated by tourism – with Barranco is a more bohemian district, home to a large number of musicians, artists and designers.

OOIIO Architecture said: “This project is special because has the ability for catching everyone attraction and at the same time is a great platform to see everything from it. Is a project to watch and to be watched.”

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